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RapidShare Manager (RSM)

The RapidShare Manager (RSM) makes it easy to upload and allows multiple downloads at the same time. You can resume interrupted uploads and downloads and, as a Premium user, you can store files of up to 2,000 megabytes in size at RapidShare.

Files that are larger than 200 megabytes can be downloaded only by Premium users, unless the owner of the file covers the cost of the download. Find out more about it here..

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Visit rapidshare news

Rapidshare is a free RapidShare premium links site where you can download music, download pictures,or games, software. whatever you want... from RapidShare with all the features of a premium account, but it's FREE. You will never need to wait to download a file again, Just type the link URL of the RapidShare file you want to download in the form above, press "download", and get your file! Downloading files of pictures, software, music, or games has never been easier.

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New Rules 2012

New Rules

All content contained in , and belongs to the copyrighted content of performers or are otherwise legally protected, were placed on the page just from promotional reasons.

Anyone who download the contents from the , shall, after reviewing the same within 24 hours removed from a disk!

Again, this music/games/movies/programs etc.. is only for promotional reasons on the so that after preview the music/games/movies/programs etc. you have downloaded if you like it buy CDs at stores intended.

Hacking or other illegal activities are NOT used running this site.
No channels are hosted here.
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