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Mega Uploader

Offers 50 GB of free storage space. Uploaded files are encrypted and only the user holds the decryption keys.

If you want to use MegaUploader, the recommended option is to download the "Installer".
This application will install MegaUploader, configure the registry and download all necessary dependencies (.NET) automatically. It will also add an "Uninstall" option.

v0.7 BETA - 18/04/2013
- Added support for ELC.
- New functionality added: stopping & resuming uploads.
- Improved CPU usage.
- Minor corrections.

v0.6 BETA - 16/03/2013
- Added support for multiple accounts.
- Added context menu in Windows Explorer.
- Added Key Watermark.
- Fixed drag & drop inside the upload list.

v0.5 BETA - 12/03/2013
- New logo and colors wink
- Added option to generate encoded links (mega:// for MegaDownloader).
- Corrected login error with e-mail that contains capital letters.

v0.4 BETA - 04/03/2013
- Corrected login error with long passwords (more than 16 characters).
- Fixed error with diacritics in name files (MALFORMED_ATTRIBUTES).
- Added IP binding.

v0.3 BETA - 20/02/2013
- Corrected login bugs with MEGA.
- Improved performance and upload speed (while a chunk is uploading, now it generates the next chunk).
- In case of error, it retries the connection up to 5 times per chunk instead of throwing an error (each chunk is 1MB or less).

v0.2 BETA - 16/02/2013
- Added "Pre-Shared Keys" option.
- Modified menu and configuration format.
- Fixed big files upload (>2GB).
- Minor internal improvements.

v0.1 BETA - 12/02/2013
- First version


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