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RapidShare Uploader

The RapidShare Uploader simplifies uploading of files. It offers many features, with which you can perfectly adapt it to your needs. It supports Premium and free Accounts, including Collector's Accounts.

Description of functions

Premium Collector's Account

Log in with your username and password. Then choose whether you have a Premium or a Collector's Account. All settings are automatically stored so that each upload is carried out using your access data. Under Options, Display tab you can choose the language.


The upload of your files with the Rapid Uploader is quite simple: Open the tab Upload and, for example, drag and drop all the files you want to upload into the list. Alternatively, right click on the button "Add" to select the files.

Begin the upload process by clicking the "Upload" button. All files are stored in the Log, where they can be retrieved, saved as a text file, copied or deleted. Make sure that these functions are activated under Options, General.

Under the section Log, all uploads and details such as downloads and links, storage date, time and name and size of the file are displayed. You can also switch off the protocol in Options, General.

Auto Packer

The Auto Packer can be switched off or adjusted in Options. It enables files that are larger than 100 megabytes to be automatically compressed. An internal routine creates one or more zip or WinRar files, depending on the program you work with.


The RapidShare Uploader offers many features that allow individual adjustments. For example, if all the files were not fully loaded, you can have the upload list saved automatically. Next time you start, the list will be automatically added and the upload will be resumed.

You can also choose different Carriers for uploads and optimize speed in this way. Help tabs, the Windows contextual menu and adjustment of the proxy settings and much more make it easier to upload, and these can be also adjusted individually.

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