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The Pirate Bay to encourage Magnet links : Plans to drop torrent files in the due course

The largest file sharing website and torrent tracker The Pirate Bay has announced support to Magnet Links and also has proposed to drop the torrent files.This doesn’t mean that The Pirate Bay will no longer be a file sharing website as many think.Magnet Link is similar to torrents but rather than in a file form as in the case of torrents it is a URI.Magnet links don’t hold information on the location of a resource but rather on the content of the file or files to which they link.

The Pirate Bay cannot implement or use advanced P2P file transfer technologies like DHT(Distributed Hash Table) and PEX( Peer Exchange) if it continues using the traditional torrent files.By using Magnet Links this problem is solved.By moving to Magnet URI there is no need for tracker’s job.Also since Magnet links are just URLs it saves a huge amount of bandwidth which is spent just for downloading the .torrent files.

The Point to note is that they do not currently drop the torrent file support but just encourage the use of magnet links.If you have a close look on some page on the site you would notice that the links to torrent file and the magnet link have been interchanged.But in the due course the support for torrent files may be dropped.

This is not a sudden change, but was planned a couple of years ago and now brought into act.Also many countries now block The Pirate Bay.But the Magnet Links will be harder to block.This new Magnet Links will be much better than the Older Torrent files and the tracker that organizes them.This will not change the way you share or download a file.Everything will be similar to the torrent experience

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