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Wireless Router Security
10 easy steps

To connect to your wireless router, it needs the router's wireless settings configured and also the wireless cards in all the laptops and or computers needs to be configured with the router's wireless settings. Then the laptops and desktop computers can communicate with your wireless router.

To set-up and secure the wireless router from unauthorized access, follow these steps:

1. Connect the wireless router to your computer with a LAN cable.

2. Start your browser and enter the router's configuration URL IP address.

3. Enter the router setup, login and password

4. Change the admin password

5. Go to the wireless settings and change the default SSID and turn off SSID broadcast.

6. Setup encryption key the strongest is WPA2 (if not then WPA). The encryption key can be easily set up using a passphrase (it can be an alpha numeric phrase or words).

7. For further security measures - turn on MAC address filtering and enter the MAC address of the wireless cards on the computer/s you want to connect to this wireless router.

8. Record the settings you have made and keep it in a safe place and Save the settings.

9. Configure the wireless cards on the computer/s with the SSID and encryption settings of the router.

10. Remove the LAN cable between the router and the computer then the computers should be able to connect to the router via the wireless connection.
For the computers and laptops to connect to the Internet you need to connect the DSL or cable modem with a LAN cable to the WAN (Internet) port on the router.

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