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How To Become A YouTube Partner
BassoDate: Saturday, 2011-04-16, 11:05 PM | Message # 1
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If you’ve spent some time on Youtube you’ve probably heard of their partner program, and that you can make money from your videos through revenue sharing. This means that you put ads on your videos and get paid for them. Sounds good right but what do you need to do to be a partner and is it worth it?

How to become a YouTube partner

Potential YouTube partners have to meet some criteria before they’ll consider you for a partnership. There are four things that YouTube analyzes before they accept or reject your application, they are

1. Subscribers And Friends
2. Video Views
3. Daily Video View Count
4. Copyrighted content

For subscribers and friends a good number is somewhere between 500 to 1000 each. Though I have heard of some people becoming partners with as few as two to three hundred subscribers and friends. Either way it doesn’t hurt to have a higher number if not for anything else it will help push up the number of views yourvideos gets.

For video views a good number for your videos is somewhere between 50 to 200 thousand. How do you get that many views? There are lots of ways, the best ways though are to subscribe to other video channels, respond and leave comments, post videos on a regular basis. And overall be an active member on YouTube. Think of like this “The squeaky wheel gets the grease” or in this case the more active you are and get yourself notices the more people will find you and watch yourvideos.

Your daily view count is the number views your videos get every day. YouTube likes this number to be around 1500 to 2000, but more is obviously better. Especially if those videos link to a website or blog you want to promote.

And finally copyrighted material, this means that you can’t use audio, video, pictures, logos, or anything that isn’t yours and that you don’t have permission to use. This can also apply to videos such as tutorial videos that use screen captures. So if your videos are say fan made tribute videos to your favourite movies and music these won’t be allowed. It has to be 100 percent your content. As for music You tube does have a large selection of music you can add to your videos that they will allow and doesn’t infringe on copyright.

Does this mean you shouldn’t make these kinds of videos, of course not; many of them are very popular it just means you won’t be able to become a partner. You can still use them to promote your site.

To become a member simply go to YouTube channel, go to where it says account, then creators and partners at the bottom of the page. Once there go to where it says partner program and benefits and qualifications, or just click this link here
Then you follow the application steps and wait for your channel to be reviewed. It can take a couple weeks to well over a month to hear from them. Also don’t be surprised if your account is rejected at first, unless yourvideos are extremely popular it’s very common for potential partners to have to re apply a few times before being accepted.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of being a YouTube partner?

1. If you’re a partner and upload a video you own the copyright and the distribution rights of that video, and all the videos you upload to your channel. If you’re not a partner any video you upload even if it’s 100 percent all your content YouTube can manage it as they see fit. Meaning if they don’t like it or if it doesn’t meet their guidelines can ban or block it.

2. You get to make money with your videos. To me that seems like a pretty big advantage. As to how much you can make off YouTube Unfortunately YouTube doesn’t allow that to be made public and partners have to agree to those terms. But your videos will earn income by either PPC or pay per click. Or by CPM or cost per impression or the number of visitors who view the video.

3. The exposure your videos will receive is far greater for partners then those who aren’t. Your videos will be placed at the very top of video searches, giving you even more traffic.

4. Greater control over customization. As a YouTube partner you can customize your channel page with a custom made skin to match the look of your page to your logo or brand. This helps you stand out even more above those who aren’t partners.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Being A YouTube Partner

1. All your videos have to be 100 percent original content. If your channel is dedicated to fan made music videos for example, count yourself out. However if you have the original owners permission you can use their content.

2. Not all users can become partners. There are only so many countries that YouTube will allow partnerships from. While this list will grow over time you might have to wait awhile before you can become a partner some of the countries that are currently allowed are

United States
United Kingdom (Britain)

3. You have to follow the rules. Once you’re a partner you have to follow YouTube’s large amount of rules to keep your partnership and keep you account in good standing. This also applies to the design of your page and how it can be optimized. For example you can’t have arrows pointing to ads you want to be clicked or other tricks to get viewers clicking on ads for you.

All that being said if you can get a partnership with YouTube I say go for it. I personally think the rewards far outweigh the negative.

If you have a problem about Intellectual property rights violation,

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BassoDate: Saturday, 2011-04-16, 11:09 PM | Message # 2
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Understanding YouTube Copyright Infringement

Posting videos on YouTube can be a great way to show off your video editing skills, post video blogs, or even your own mini series. Because YouTube is the largest video sharing site it’s also a great way to promote products, or your website to thousands new potential viewers. But what happens when you post a video and it’s either slapped with a copyright infringement or banned all together, and what are the consequences to your account?

YouTube defines copyright infringement as the following

“What is copyright infringement? Copyright infringement occurs when a copyrighted work is reproduced, distributed, performed, publicly displayed, or made into a derivative work without the permission of the copyright owner.”

What that means is say for example you create a video and you decide to add some audio, let’s say Metallica for example. Unless you have permission from the record label and you post the video, you will probably get a copyright infringement notice on your account. This also applies to any video or picture file (though I personally never have had any problems with pictures).

It doesn’t matter the source for that audio or video either. Even if you buy a DVD and upload the video directly from that source it’s still considered copyright infringement due to the fact that you don’t own the content that’s on that DVD, you just own the disc and the money that you paid for it simply allows you to view the material on it.

What happens when your video is found to have copyrighted material?

If your video is noticed by YouTube as having copyrighted material on it a few things will happen. In all cases though you will either get a notice on your account or by email telling you what’s going on.

Matched to third part content

This means that your video has material that’s matched to a third party source such as a record label like Warner Chappell for example. In situations like these you don’t need to change anything because the video will still be available worldwide. What this does mean though is that ads will be placed on your video (these pop up at the bottom of the video screen) these ads when clicked generate revenue for the third party source and not for you if you have an ad sense account listed on YouTube.

Blocked in some countries

Like matched to third party content your video will still be available on Youtube. The difference is that due to different international copyright laws some countries will ban your video from being played there.
It’s important to remember with these two that the rules change all the time and what was banned in one country one day may be allowed the next, or what was public might all of a sudden be matched to third party content due to changes in copyright rules.

Rejected Content/Banned

When it comes to rejected content this one is more vague. I recently had two videos rejected. One a tribute video I did to Children of Men was banned worldwide, and I had to upload it to another video sharing site. The other was to the movie Zombie Strippers ,due to inappropriate content.(Which is kinda funny considering my tribute video contains no nudity yet you can watch the entire original movie on YouTube) This can be extremely frustrating to deal with since a simple search on YouTube will reveal all sorts of questionable content, nudity, porn, real violence on others, hate, or other questionable content and your video isn’t any different then the other videos you’ve posted before.

All these things above can result in your account being flagged, your videos removed from YouTube or your account banned all together. Unless you've been able to partner with YouTube, they can pretty much dictate what is allowed, and what gets banned. There is something though called “Fair Use”

YouTube defines fair use as:

“It's possible that you may be permitted to include small excerpts from copyrighted material in your video if what you intend to use is insubstantial or is incidentally included, or where the intended use you have for the copyrighted material falls within a exception or limitation to copyright under the law in your country.”

Again this depends on the country you live in and their copyright and internet laws. Unfortunately at this time there is no defined answer as to what is allowed, how much is allowed, and what isn’t. It’s a major grey area with some videos being allowed on one channel, and similar videos on another being banned completely. As for getting an explanation fromYouTube you’re going to find yourself running in circles and not getting any clear answers, either from their forum or their help pages.

Does this mean you should stop posting videos on YouTube, of course not, just be aware that your videos could be banned or have a copyright infringement slapped on them and no clear explanation given.

If you have a problem about Intellectual property rights violation,

Please Contact Us we remove all content within 24 hours.

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