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Li-ion Battery Calibration
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Li-ion Battery Calibration

Li-ion Battery Calibration

I’ll start with a few facts for you about modern Li-ion batteries -

- The batteries themselves don’t have a memory or store any stats.
- Generally charge them before they get lower than 50%
- Charge your phone while off.
- Mains charging from empty to full should be around 3½ hours, using USB around 6 hours.
- USB charging is actually better for the battery and you may get up to 1 hours more standby time.

With these facts in mind, you should calibrate your battery once a month so lets look at what you actually need to do.

1. Run the device down until it turns itself off.

2. Turn it back on and wait for it to turn itself off again.

3. Remove the battery for 10 seconds.

4. Replace the battery, but leave the device off.

5. Charge the device until full and then for another hour.

6. **Root users only** Using a Terminal Emulator, type “su” enter, followed by “rm /data/system/batterystats.bin

7. Run the device’s battery down until it turns itself off.

8. Turn the device on and charge for at least 8 hours.

9. Unplug the device, turn off, then charge for another hour.

10.Unplug the device, turn on, wait 2 minutes.

11. Turn off again and charge for another hour.

12. Restart and use as normal.

If you don’t fiddle or change settings much, you probably only need to do this every couple of months.
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Forum » Help & Info » Help » Li-ion Battery Calibration
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