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HTC Desire HD
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HTC Desire HD Battery Life
HTC Desire HD

I don’t know how HTC have managed it from a 1230mAh battery, but if anyone manages to produce an ‘extended’ battery that fits, this thing could last a very long time. As for what the Desire Z might be able to do.

1. Remove apps you don’t use. You’ll need to root your device with VISIONary and then remove system apps like Flickr, Twitter, Stocks, Peep, Gmail and Friend Stream using Titanium Backup.

2. Syncing kills! Go to Settings -> Accounts & sync and see what apps are set to sync. For me, a big improvement came from turning off syncing my Facebook ‘Live Feed’ (this seems to turn back on at reboot). Also, only have one of the two Facebook apps syncing at all. For me, I stopped HTC Sense, News and Weather from syncing. If you really want these, maybe just drop their frequency an extra hour or two.

3. Lower e-mail checks. Like the other syncs, I dropped them from 15 minutes, to 1 or 2 hours, 4 for the less important one.

4. Try different connections. Go to Settings -> Wireless & networks -> Mobile networks and change Network Mode. For me, for some reason ‘WCDMA only’ works the best.

5. Calibrate. After 7 to 10 days use, calibrate your battery and you should be good to go, simple as that!

6. **ADDITION** Once in a while (if not always) try charging via USB rather than mains. It has been reported this is better for the battery and will actually provide better life from one charge. I can’t necessarily say this claim is true, but I have often seemingly got better life from a USB charge. Try it!
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Forum » Help & Info » Help » HTC Desire HD (Battery Life)
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