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# Play as a driver competing to win the drivers championship
# Work with your team mate to secure the constructors championship
# Various carsets and race series, race in several series at once
# Paint your car and helmet!
# Setup your car for optimum speed
# Select driving style and race strategy
# Changing weather conditions
# Different car, tyre and engine attribuites
# Safety cars
# Practice, qualifying and race
# Complete breakdown of the race results including commentary
# Circuit maps showing car positions at race end
# Graphs
# Championship analysis between teams, drivers and team mates
# Lap by lap track map replay

2008 Indycar Series
( More Info on 2008 Indycar Series )

The 2008 IndyCar season - the first season after reunification of the two North American open wheel series. Features large grids, close racing, multiple liveries per team and more.

Champcar Championship v2.0
( More Info on Champcar Championship v2.0 )

This is an updated edition of the original Champcar carset, but with updated car and track graphics and a full complement of '95 liveries. Miami and Indianapolis are now also included! Based around the classic PC game Indycar Racing 2.

F1 2005 Strategy Simulation
( More Info on F1 2005 )

The 2005 F1 season. A unique year in modern F1, where only one tyre is provided over the course of a race, and drivers must pick their race strategy before qualifying.

F1 1999 Grand Prix Championship Season
( More Info on F1 1999 )

The Formula One 1999 Season. A good competitive F1 set of the old school. Single tyre supplier helps level the field all the more.

F1 1997 Championship Game
( More Info on F1 1997 )

This 24-car F1 '97 set has an added twist - Lola has been added as a special treat to join Minardi, Stewart and Tyrell battling for a single point. As with the real 97 season, there are lots of upgrades throughout the season directed toward certain teams.

F1 2008 F1 Manager Game
( More Info on F1 2008 )

The Formula One 2008 Season, featuring 2008 car data, new teams and liveries, as well as the new Valencia and Singapore Street Circuits.

MR2 World Series
( More Info on MR2 World Series )

A world tour of MR2 racing, in a series of wildly differing events. Road / Race classes offer 2 very different challenges for race strategy.

Unique Features: 2 classes and Variable race format.

F1 2007 F1 Manager Game
( More Info on F1 2007 )

The Formula One 2007 Season, featuring 2007 car data, One tyre manufacturer, new teams and liveries, Fuji Speedway and Spa on the calendar.

Le Mans Endurance Series
( More Info on Le Mans Endurance Series )

Build your own GT team. GT, GTS, LMP1 and LMP2 classes. Unique Features: Long endurance races, 4 different classes on track at once, unique rules, 22 cars to choose from!

F1 1986 GP Manager Game
( More Info on F1 1986 )

The Formula One 1986 Season, featuring long races without safety cars or refueling. High failure rates can be frustrating, hence:
Warning! - this is not a series for the beginner!

V8 Supercars 2006
( More Info on V8 Supercars 2006 )

The highly competitive V8 Supercars 2006 Season, featuring sprint, endurance and reverse grid racing.
Warning! This is a very long season, only join this game if you have the commitment to complete a full season.

A1GP Grand Prix Manager Game
( More Info on A1GP )

An A1GP championship, consisting of individual drivers driving for their nation. Unique features: A1GP race format, no teams, no excuses - identical cars! Warning - not for the inexperienced player, this can be a very frustrating series.

Champcar Generic Championship
( More Info on Champcar Generic Championship )

Based around the modern Indycar/CART period 1995-onwards. Unique Features: Choose chassis, engine and tyres. Team sizes from 1-3 cars! Fragile cars. Circuit and oval racing. Custom car painting!

F1 2006 F1 Manager Game
( More Info on F1 2006 )

The Formula One 2006 Season, featuring 2006 car data (in theory, more overtaking and less reliability) and rule changes such as fewer tyre sets.
Note: Due to the complexity of this years qualifying, it has been simplified to a single session.

BTCC Generic Championship
( More Info on BTCC Generic Championship )

Build your own BTCC team. Touring and Production classes based on current and recent seasons.
Note: Old Batracer v2.x legacy series.

Unique Features: Split class championship.

BAT Seven Challenge
( More Info on BAT Seven Challenge )

Race a variety of Seven type cars around race and airfield circuits.
Note: Old Batracer v2.x legacy series, some graphics and gameplay elements may be of reduced quality.

Unique Features: Lack of qualifying session maximises the racing. Many team creation options and ways to win; unique circuits.

F1 2002 Fantasy F1 Game
( More Info on F1 2002 )

The Formula One 2002 Season. Classic points system.
Note: Old Batracer v2.x legacy series.

Unique Features: Fixed team setup as per real season. Challenging array of car setup options: for experienced players only.

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