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Hogs Of War
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Hogs Of War

Hogs of War is a video game released for the Sony PlayStation and PC in 2000. The game is a turn based strategy title in which First World War-era anthropomorphic pigs engage in combat. Play proceeds in a turn-based fashion, with 3D graphics, vehicles, a career-based single-player mode, and voiceover work (both narration and for characters) by British comedian Rik Mayall.

The theme tune for the game is Sousa's Liberty Bell March. The design of the game is discussed in the book “The Game Maker’s Apprentice”, which is co-authored by the lead programmer of the game and has a foreword by one of the game’s designers.

The introductory video shows an Edwardian era blimpish sergeant-major at a recruiting centre preparing his troops for war. He states that his troops must conquer the continent of Saustralasia, in the Pigsific ocean, to gain access to swill. There are five lands in Saustralasia including Hogshead, Bellyopolis, Trottsville and Arstria, each of which must be captured after one, four or five battles, depending upon the size of the contested territory, against other countries. Throughout the game, the player receives updates on their progress and the progress of the war as a whole from Commander I. P. Grimly.


Hogs of War is a turn-based tactical war game. During a faction's turn, which may have a time limit, the pig can move around the level and attack the other pigs. Vehicles and weapon emplacements are available. Levels may include water hazards, which sap the pig's health while they traverse them, and minefields which will damage the pig, ending their turn, if a mine is triggered. A variety of weapons and items are carried by pigs or may be picked up in the level, which are themed on the technology available in the First World War setting.


The game's single-player campaign is composed of a series of unique levels, each more difficult than the last. These often contain novel objectives.

At the end of each level, the player receives Promotion Points:

* One for completing the mission
* One if all the team's pigs survive
* One for each medal collected

At the start all pigs are Grunts. These can then specialise in different fields by promotion, using Promotion Points, and ultimately become Commandos and Heroes. Computer-controlled units are upgraded to match the player's expected rank throughout the campaign. On the highest difficulty level, Heroes are the only opposition. There is a rank which cannot be achieved by the player that is only seen in the Isle of Swill, known as Legends.

Multiplayer game:

The game's multiplayer mode features a selection of preset levels, and a level generator capable of creating a number of permutations either at random or according to player preferences. These levels can be saved for later use by recording a password. The game progresses in a similar manner to the single-player campaign, with the option of computer-controlled teams. As only one pig can be controlled a time, the game requires only one controller regardless of the number of players.


The titular "hogs of war" are anthropomorphic pigs, each wearing a coloured uniform to identify its nation. Each team is based around the stereotypes of their particular nation, and they make comments in reference to these when attacking, injured, etc. They are:

* "Tommy's Trotters", wearing green, based on the World War I British Expeditionary Force.
* "Sow-A-Krauts", wearing grey, based on World War I Germany.
* "Sushi Swine", wearing yellow, based on Japan.
* "Uncle Ham's Hogs", in light blue, themed after the United States of America
* "Garlic Grunts" in dark blue, ostensibly French.
* "Piggystroika", dressed in red, who represent the Soviet Union, possibly due to the frequency of Communist references made.

There is also a secret team from the final level, "Team Lard", who represent the game developers themselves. They wear purple uniforms, but cannot be selected to play in the normal game, unless the player enters the team name "MARDY PIGS". However, they can be unlocked without this code as a 'Survival Bonus' by completing the final level without any of the player's pigs being killed. This starts a new game in which the player must reclaim the world for Team Lard from the team that the player originally used to complete the game.

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