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Symantec Endpoint Protection v.11.0.6000.550
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Symantec Endpoint Protection v.11.0.6000.550 All Win (2010/ENG) | 1.54 GB

Symantec Endpoint Protection - Antivirus next generation technology from the company Symantec. Symantec Endpoint Protection combines Symantec AntiVirus with advanced threat prevention, providing unsurpassed protection of portable and desktop computers and servers from malicious programs. In addition, protected from even the most complex, elusive to traditional means of security attacks, such as a rootkit, exploit "zero day" and changing spyware. Symantec Endpoint Protection provides not only an industry-leading antivirus protection, but also signature-based protection from spyware. This solution also ensures the prevention of threats, which helps protect endpoints from targeted attacks and unknown. It includes ready-intensive technologies that automatically analyze application behaviors and network connections to detect and block suspicious activities, and administration features that allow certain actions to prohibit devices and applications that are considered extremely dangerous for the organization. Certain actions can be blocked even by the location of the user.

Comprehensive protection - integrating the best technologies to prevent security threats from even the most remote of new and unknown attackers before they reach the network. Detecting and blocking malicious software including viruses, worms, Trojan horses, spyware, adware, and rootkits in real time.

Proactive protection - a new module Proactive threat Proactive Threat Scan uses a unique Symantec technology to assess the correct and incorrect actions of unknown applications, which improves detection and reduces the number of false positive identifications, without the need for a rules-based configurations.

Best in the industry to identify threats - Symantec's protection mechanisms are developing an industry-leading network of Global Intelligence Network to provide an unprecedented opportunity to view all Internet threats. With this identification is created protection, leading to action, and confidence is achieved in curbing the changing threats.

Single agent, single console - combines the full range of security technologies in a single agent and a central management console with an intuitive user interface, as well as a means for creating graphical reports from a Web interface. These components allow you to establish and strengthen security policies at the enterprise to protect critical assets. With their help, simplified management, reduced use of system resources, but when you add support for Symantec Network Access Control that requires no additional agents. After acquiring the license functions Symantec Network Access Control are automatically included in the agent and console.

Ease of deployment - because it requires only one agent and one management console, and the work is carried out with existing investments in IT and the organization security, Symantec Endpoint Protection solution delivers ease of implementation and deployment. For organizations that need to bring in performers for safety control and management, Symantec provides the service Managed Security Services, providing protection mode

Low cost of ownership - Symantec Endpoint Protection solution delivers a lower cost of ownership by reducing administrative costs, as well as costs associated with managing multiple endpoint security products. This unified approach to endpoint security simplifies administration and ensures efficient operation, due to single software updates, and a politician, a unified and centralized execution reports, as well as the use of a single licensing program and service.

Easy to install, configure and manage - Symantec Endpoint Protection solution simplifies the on / off and configure the necessary technologies in accordance with your environment. Support for Symantec Network Access Control - Each endpoint receives support Symantec Network Access Control, which eliminates the need to deploy additional software agent endpoints to control access to the network. Improving the effectiveness of existing security technologies and IT investments - to work with other leading providers of antivirus software, firewalls, IPS technologies and infrastructures, network access control. In addition, the opportunity to work with leading development tools and software th security patch management tools and information security.

Basic functions
Advanced protection against viruses and spyware
Integrated protection from viruses and spyware technology-based Symantec Antivirus with full protection in real time and automated containment and decontamination of threats

The rules-based filtering mechanism traffic
The leading (according to Gartner) technology Sygate filtering as an open and encrypted network traffic

Generic Exploit Blocking Technology
Based on IPS technology allows you to block the penetration of threats that exploit vulnerabilities applications

Advanced Technology - detect and remove Rootkits programs
It provides advanced mechanisms to detect and remove rootkits, using the tool VxMS (Veritas Mapping Service, Technology Veritas). This enables access to the lower level operating system for possible in-depth analysis of processes.

Deep inspection of network packets
Allows administrators to create their own rules of IPS, as well as analyze application-level network traffic using HIPS-analysis system

Proactive protection
Behavioral analysis technology from WholeSecurity, allowing on the basis of ballroom behavior analysis applications relating them to one or another category of reliability and safety

Control Applications
Allows administrators to monitor access to such elements as processes, files and folders from users and applications, as well as to analyze and control the registry, modules and components of the operating system and applications. Allows you to block various applications to ensure data integrity, as well as possible damage systems and applications

Network Access Control Technology Provides integrity checks and security systems to allow according to the state system, to determine access rights to networks and resources (a functional analog of Cisco NAC)

System requirements: Symantec Endpoint Protection Client (client)
Microsoft Windows Vista 32-bit 64-bit
Microsoft Windows 2003 32-bit 64-bit
Microsoft Windows XP 32-bit 64-bit
Microsoft Windows 2000 (SP3 and later) 32-bit
400 MHz Intel Pentium III (1 GHz for Windows Vista)
256 MB of RAM
600 MB free space to run the client installation
Super VGA (1,024 x768) or higher-resolution video adapter and monitor

Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager (server)
Microsoft Windows 2003 32-bit 64-bit
Microsoft Windows XP 32-bit 32-bit
Microsoft Windows 2000 (SP3 and later) 32-bit
Database Microsoft SQL or built-

Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager Console (Management Console)
Microsoft Windows Vista 32-bit 64-bit
Microsoft Windows 2003 32-bit 64-bit
Microsoft Windows XP 32-bit 64-bit
Microsoft Windows 2000 (SP3 and later) 32-bit

Symantec AntiVirus for Linux Client (unmanaged client)
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 32-bit
SuSE Linux Enterprise (Server / Desktop) 32-bit
Novell Open Enterprise Server 32-bit
VMware ESX 32-bit

Title: Symantec Endpoint Protection
Released: 2010
Version: 11.0.6000.550
Developer: Symantec
Platform: 2k0/XP/Vista/2k8/7/2k8r2
Language: English

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Forum » Software » Programs » Symantec Endpoint Protection v.11.0.6000.550
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