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Windows XP Pro SP3 SET Edition v10.6.1
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Windows XP Pro SP3 SET Edition v10.6.1 | 680MB

Image multiboot disk with the operating system, created on the basis of the original distribution Windows XP Professional SP3 x86 VL Russian, with integrated tuned to May 14, 2010th year, changed interface set complements the system and some programs.

Install only on a blank disc. Upgrades from earlier versions and install on top of the installed system is unacceptable.

Drivers, with a choice
-CHIPSET_wxp_x86-32_109_greg_b.7z - Drivers for chipset
-GRAPHICS_ATI_wxp_x86-32_Greg_B_102.7z - Drivers for ATI
-GRAPHICS_INTEL_x86_32_106_greg_b.7z - Drivers for video card INTEL
-GRAPHICS_NVIDIA_wxp_x86-32_Greg_B_108.7z - Drivers for NVIDIA cards
-GRAPHICS_SiS_wxp_x86-32_101_Greg_B.7z - Drivers for video card SIS
-GRAPHICS_VIA_wxp_x86_32_101_greg_b.7z - Drivers for VIA cards
-LAN_wxp_x86-32_111_greg_b.7z - Drivers for network cards
-MODEM_wnt5_x86-32_102b_greg_b.7z - Modem Driver
-MONITOR_wnt5_x86-32_104_Greg_B.7z - Drivers for Monitors
-SOUND_NVIDIA_wxp_x86-32_101_greg_b.7z - Drivers for Audio NVIDIA cards
-SOUND_REALTEK_WXP_x86-32_114_Greg_B.7z - Drivers for Audio Card REALTEK
-SOUND_SIGMATEL_wxp_x86-32_100.7z - Drivers for SIGMATEL audio cards
-SOUND_SOUNDMAX_WNT5_X86-32-GREG_B_100.7Z - Drivers for audio cards SOUNDMAX
-WLAN_wnt5_x86-32_100_greg_b.7z - Drivers for wireless network cards

Do not choose all driver packages if you do not know the precise and accurate configuration of your iron. Pack drivers are the only "lifeline" in cases where no original drivers. If the original driver available - from unpacking drayvpakov best avoided. Using the native drivers - the pledge of stability of your system.

Install as the default
Package design WinStyle 2010 RU Titanum (corrected version of 28 March)
Adobe Flash Player Plugin
Internet Explorer 7 and Windows Media Player 11 (with latest updates)
DirectX 9.0c with MDX
HashTab 3.0
Unlocker 1.8.9
WinRar 3.91 final
. NET Framework - versions 1.1 SP1
Set Runtime libraries necessary to run some programs;
Avatars for the Start Menu
Additional applets in the Control Panel
Sound schemes and Vista cursors
New fonts
11 themes

Applets in the control panel for monitoring, testing and debugging
DirectX - DirectX 9.0c CPL
TweakUI PowerToy - TweakUI PowerToy v2.10.0.0
Startup - Startup v2.8 CPL
Analysis of the video card - GPU-Z v0.4.2
Memory dump analysis - Blue Screen View v1.26
Analysis and check the hard drive - HD Tune v2.55
Analysis of the processor and memory - CPU-Z v1.54
AntiAutorun - Anti-Autorun 3.1
Task Manager
Tools BootSafe - BootSafe v2.0.1000
Tools NostsXpert - NostsXpert 4.3
Tool Microsoft TimeZone - Microsoft TimeZone TimeZone v2.1.34.0 - to work you need Microsoft. NET Framework version 1.1 and higher!
Tool MS AutoPlay - Microsoft AutoPlay Repair Wizard
Tools Nero DriveSpeed - Nero DriveSpeed v3.0.0
Tool Nero Info Tool - Nero Info Tool v5.3.3.0
Keys Windows - ProduKey v1.40
Monitoring system - HWmonitor v1.16
Customize ClearType - ClearType PowerToy
System Configuration Utility - New MSConfig
Clearing Internet Cookies - Expired Cookies Cleaner v1.02
Check the monitor - TFT Monitor test version 1.52
Memory Check - MemTest v4.0
Transparency Tray - TransBar 1.4.2
Registry editor
Services and equipment - Services and Devices v2.7
Testing Equipment - S & M 1.9.1 +
Accounts Win2k - User Accounts 2 CPL
Centre established updates - WinUpdatesList v1.23

List of remote components
* IBM PS / 2 TrackPoint
* Driver IBM Thinkpad
* Driver Logitech WingMan
* Driver Serial Pen Tablet
* Driver Microsoft SideWinder
* Drivers for old video cards
* Driver tape drive
* Driver nomeronaberatelya Sony
* Driver ISDN connection
* Iomega Zip drive
* Auxiliaries
* Windows CE USB Host
* Game port Gravis
* Movie Maker
* Basic Voice expansion
* Obsolete Intel Indeo codecs
* Additional mouse cursors
* Media Center
* Support for Tablet PC
* Examples of sounds
* Stantardnye mouse cursors
* Wallpapers Wallpapers
* Introduction to Windows
* MS XML 2.0
* Blaster Removal Tool
* Cleanup Wizard slave. Backgrounds
* Master Files and Settings Transfer
* Posting surf (animation dog)
* Color Schemes
* Security Center
* Screensavers
* Portfolio
* MSN Explorer
* NetMeeting
* Windows Messenger
* Front Page Extensions
* Micrososft p2p

List disabled by default services
* DNS-Client
* Telnet-server
* Windows Firewall
* Service of serial numbers of portable multimedia devices
* SSDP Discovery service
* Service images (WIA)
* Session Manager Help for the remote office. Backgrounds
* Security Center
* Remote Registry
* Volume Shadow Copy

CRC32: 63D597A7
MD5: E924EB105561B4EE006B0E1E0DFEF9DA
SHA-1: 771F43CF0F1080539EDE3C8782B2316B6B15D21C

* Minimum: 300 MHz, 128 MB RAM (may be limited to some features);
* Recommended: 500 MHz or higher, 256 MB RAM or more.

Interface language: Russian
Platform: x86 (32bit)
Upgrading from Microsoft without any problems
Treatment: not required

Download from hotfile:
Available for users only

If you have a problem about Intellectual property rights violation,

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Forum » Software » Windows » Windows XP Pro SP3 SET Edition v10.6.1
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