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Here is a reseed of this program as I will explain this, for it was indeed not the way it did at last.

¦ r you one of of them that start your computer and before you log in, it is that your Windows version can be false or similar?
Then this is your salvation.
If you have this problem you should do the following: Download, unzip all the files in any folder.
Double-click the file named Installer, it is as you might know a bat file. But it has no stupid commands as another has spent named Lelle__. But but back to the thing. double-click it and follow the instructions. Then restart the computer and now you can see that your computer is \ "true \". You can now download updates that you can not download if it is false. just press the Windows Update o follow the instructions.
It will just be everywhere. It worked for me and everyone else who used it. Have a good day.

Are you one of them who starts you + re computer and see a sign with the sentence you + re computer can be a false version or something like that, It is a false version.
This is you + re rescue, if you have a false version and you have to wait for about 4-5 sec too log in to windows.
Just download the file and unpack the things in a directory or something. when you have done that just duouble click the installer.bat file. then after you have followed the instructions just reboot your computer. Then that is done Have a good day


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