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Rapidhacker final v3.0

RapidHacker Final Build 3.0
Langauge: Visual Basic, MS VisualC++
ReleaseDate: February 13th, 2007.
Special Thanks to Ouwop on FileExist procedure help. IXI for like, my niggeh!
Platforms: Windows 98, ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP, home/pro, Windows Vista

New features
- Change Resolution For better appearance, is it's designed under 1024x768 Display
- Better Cookie Removal (Fixed some issues)
- Restore (Now RapidHacker restores your Internet Configuration, back to its original configuration)
- Put as Default for OnPageLoad, when applications executed. (neat advertising imho for my favorite site in the whole worlds!) haha
- Changed GUI to darker appearance, instead of boring Gray.
- Added some detailed information where specified/clicked around the program.

NOTES: Even though RapidHacker, says RapidHacker, it can also be used for any other Download site.
e.g Megaupload, and soforth. I just chose RapidHacker, just to anounce it as it takes advantage of

Other notes as follows...

There shouldn't be any bugs. I've included the runtimes, in the runtime folder
you may need to extract them, and register them in your C:\Windows\System32\ file folder.

RapidHacker Final Build 3.0 is a Stand alone client.




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