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The Cottage  (2008)


Cast :
Doug Bradley
Jonathan Chan-Pensley
Jennifer Ellison

info :
After a blistering big screen debut with London To Brighton (2006), English writer-director Paul Andrew Williams goes a different way with The Cottage. Once again he's angling for gut-level thrills, but this time he does it with a one-two punch of comedy and horror. At times the structure feels unsteady but overall it's much bolder and more fun than the average Hollywood slasher flick. And in the midst of all the chaos, Andy Serkis is solid as a brick house.

Initially it's Serkis who provides the quiet menace as David, a man brought to boiling point by his spineless brother Peter (Reece Shearsmith). They've just kidnapped Tracey (Jennifer Ellison), the daughter of a powerful crook, and are holding her hostage in a remote cottage in the middle of a forest. No doubt something lurks in 'them there' woods, but there isn't a sniff of it for an unusually long while. Compared to the manic energy of his first film, Williams lets the anticipation build slowly before a psychotic farmer comes to reap a harvest of human heads. This movie review by Stella Papamichael inside BBC Movies


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