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Bumfights Presents - Terrorists, Killers, & Middle East Wackos

Terrorists, Killers & Middle-East Wackos also known as Terrorists, Killers And Other Wackos (UK Banned title) is a shockumentary video from the makers of Bumfights. It includes footage of riots, suicides, executions and the televised suicide by Budd Dywer, in which he shot himself through the mouth. All the scenes in Terrorists, Killers And Middle-East Wackos are real scenes of death and suffering, unlike Faces of Death, most of which had been faked and staged. The video was released in the US on the 21st June 2005, by Bumfights. It was due to be released in the UK but was refused a certificate by the BBFC. The BBFC found that the film.


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