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Back To The Future - Trilogy Box Set 2007
1080P BluRay

Back To The Future - Trilogy Box Set 2007

Marty McFly is a teenager living in a small town who wishes to make it as a musician but unfortunately no one wants to give him a chance. And his family is not the kind of family he or anyone could be proud of. His brother has a crappy job. His mother is a drunk. His father doesn't have any guts especially when his Biff Tannen is around. Biff walks all over him. But among of the bright spots in his life is his girlfriend, Jen and his friendship with Emmett Brown, a crackpot scientist. One night Brown sends for Marty to meet at an unusual time. And it's there that Brown unveils to Marty his invention a time machine which he built into a Delorean. Brown reveals that due to the great amount of power needed for the time machine to works he tricked some Libyans into giving him some plutonium. Brown had prepped it for its next run when the Libyans show up and shoot him. Marty gets into the Delorean and drives off and reaches the speed necessary to activate the time machine. He finds himself in 1955 because that was the date Brown last entered when he was showing Marty how the machine works. Marty walks around and runs into his father and sees that even then Biff Tannen was walking all over him. He follows him and gets struck by a car and finds himself being cared by his own mother. Marty then goes to see Emmett Brown and tries to tell him about his time machine so that he can help him get back to his own time. When he convinces Brown, he shows Brown the recording he made, wherein he says how much power is needed to power the machine. And that's when he tells Marty that there's nothing they can do. Cause about the only thing that has enough power that is needed is a bolt of lightning and they're difficult to predict. That is until Marty shows him a newspaper clipping that he brought with him that says that one week from now a bolt of lightning will hit the town clock tower. That gives Brown the inspiration to try and harness the power so that the time machine can be powered. But Brown remembers that when Marty showed him his family photo, it appears his siblings are disappearing. That's when Marty tells him about when he kept his father from being struck by a car when he was originally struck and would be nursed by the girl who would be his wife and Marty's mother but because of Marty's interference that didn't happened. So it now appears his parents won't get together. So Marty has to try and get them together before he leaves.

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