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CSI: Crime Scene Investigatione Las Vegas
(Season 1-13)

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The spin-offs have massive followings in their own right but the original Vegas-set series still rules the CSI roost. The show that made being nerdy cool, CSI shows how geeks save the day every time by combing through your rubbish, dusting surfaces for prints and picking pubes out of the carpet. That most actual crime labs consist of a portly man prodding at dead bodies with the eraser end of an HB pencil is neither here nor there - this is science porn and we love it! [b]Best Episode[/b] Grave Danger (Series 5, Episodes 24-25), Quentin Tarantino guest directs and it's just as tense and disturbing as you'd expect. [b]Did You Know?[/b] In an ironic twist of fate the CSI set was once broken into. Despite having some of the most sophisticated forensic equipment in the world to hand, they never caught the thieves.




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