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Cultures 2: The Gates of Asgard

PC game | English | Genre: Historic City-Building | 375 Mb

The Vikings, that are well known from "Cultures - Discovery of Vinland" now spread over Europe and the Middle East. It's around the end of the first millennium. The story starts when Bjarni, the leading character of part 1, gets a sinister vision of Ragnarok, the final battle in the Norsemen's mythology.

Game features:

* "God Sim" game with strong adventure elements, thrilling story with unique characters
* 11 Missions with several subquests; flexible game design allowing non-linear play
* 4 heroes join forces to fight the final battle; each of them with a distinctive character and look
* New lands to discover with plenty of new models, textures, peoples and creatures
* Over 30 different occupational groups, updated job and skills systems
* menus with different detail levels to fit each gamer's needs and preferences
* Highly detailed 3D environment with varied landscapes and rich details (4-20x bigger than Cultures)
* Extensive tutorial mode with step by step introduction to the game and its features
* Improved AI (for the villagers as well as for other tribes)

Available for users only

Available for users only

Available for users only

Rating: 5.0
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