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Diablo III Beta

This tutorial show you how to install and play Diablo III Beta without a key.

Step 1

Download the Diablo III Beta files, this folder contains all you need.

-Go to Diablo III Beta Setup and run the installer

-Select where you want to install the game

-Wait until all files and updates are downloaded


-Close that window

Step 2

Install all required softwares.

-Install .NET Frameword 4.0

-Install Visual C# Express

-Install Visual Studio SP1 patch

-Install SQLite (for 32 or 64 bit)

Now the most important is the server emulator called "Mooege".I have included in that folder with all files BUT this server emulator is constantly updated depending by the Diablo III patches that are released or just to fix some bugs.
So you will have to download from this site:
Available for users only

The emulator Mooege requires 4-5 GB free space so if you dont have that much in the C drive I sugest you to move the Mooege emulator to the other partition.

Step 3

Compiling some files with Visual C# Express

-Open the moooege folder and go to : scr > LibMooNet

-Right click on LibMooNet.csproj Open with > Microsoft Visual C# Express

-Click green icon Play and wait until its done

-Just click OK

-Close the program and dont save

-Go back to src the go to Mooege

-And do the same procedure for Mooege-VS2010.csproj

-Right click> Open with > Microsoft Visual C# Express

-Click green icon Play

-And wait until its done and a window will pop up

Step 4

Adding MPQs (some files)

-Go to the game folder Diablo III Beta\Data_D3\PC\MPQs

-Copy All files to Mooege\src\Mooege\bin\Debug\Assets\MPQ

-Go back to game folder

-And create a shortcut for Diablo III.exe (Right click>Send to>Desktop)

-Right click on the shortcut > Properties

-And add this at the end of target:
-lounch -auroraaddress localhost:1345
"D:\Games\Diablo III Beta\Diablo III.exe" -lounch -auroraaddress localhost:1345

-Go back to mooege folder

-Go to src\Mooege\bin\Debug and start Mooege.exe

-Every time you want to play Diablo III Beta you have to start Mooege.exe This mus be ON while you are playing

-And start Diablo III only from desktop shortcut

Username: test@
Password: Anything

Available for users only

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