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Grounded for Life 

The perils of "kids having kids" are explored in the raunchy, half-hour Fox Network sitcom Grounded for Life. Donal Logue and Megyn Price star as Sean and Claudia Finnerty who, forced into marriage as high schoolers by Claudia's unexpected pregnancy, ended up having three kids before they were out of their twenties. As if their obnoxious offspring weren't trouble enough, Sean and Claudia also share their house with Sean's overly judgmental father Walt (Richard Riehle) and layabout brother Eddie (Kevin Corrigan). Not entirely suited to the rigors of parenthood, the Finnertys are hopeless when it comes to administering household rules and discipline, and as a result, the kids often seem more grown up than the grownups. For the record, Sean and Claudia's children are Lily (Lynsey Bartilson), Henry (Jake Burbage), and Jimmy (Griffin Frazen), all of whom suffer from raging hormones. Grounded for Life debuted January 10, 2001. Hal Erickson, Rovi

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