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Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light

The game is a departure from the main series as being a third person adventure game. Instead it is a non-linear "arcade-inspired" action game played from a raised viewpoint similar to isometric games using a fixed camera.The game also features cooperative gameplay, and players can take control of either Lara or an ancient Mayan tribesman named Totec. Each playable character possess unique weapons and skills. Like with some previous installments, Lara retains her dual pistols with infinite ammunition and a grappling hook, which she is able to use to cross gaps and which Totec can tightrope walk across. Totec carries spears which can be used both as a weapon and on the environment, for Lara to climb on.Both characters carry unlimited "bombs" that can be dropped and detonated.Tombs can be explored and some have "booby-trap puzzles" to solve.The game does not have any loading screens once a level is started.

Guardian of Light may be played with a single player, and a second player may join at any time, whether online or locally.In the single-player campaign the only playable character is Lara; Totec cannot assist and Lara has all the tools required along with new abilities to make it through her own unique adventure.Puzzles and parts of the map are also different.Creative director Daniel Neuberger said that this was because he did not want the player to get frustrated by having to rely on AI.The campaign features eight to ten hours of gameplay.

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