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Lost Cover

Only time will tell whether it's as clever as it seems, but few TV shows have gripped viewers' imaginations like this hybrid of Swiss Family Robinson and Twin Peaks. An innovative structure in which each episode hones in on a different character, with flashbacks and flashforwards expanding their backstory, ensures the entire cast is fleshed out beyond the constraints of the primary narrative. But aside from the host of unique and colourful characters - from earnest Jack to cocky Sawyer, noble Jin to bug-eyed Ben - it's the epic mysteries at the core of the story that keeps us coming back. What powers does the island have? What's that polar bear doing in the tropics? And how come Hurley never loses weight despite being marooned on an island?

Best Episode
The action-packed Exodus two-parter (Season 1, Episodes 23-24) that features a wrecked ship, a monster, a clash with the Others and the discovery of a deep, dark hatch.

Did You Know?
The fictional Oceanic airline also appears in the movie Executive Decision.




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