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Project X (2012) DVDRip XviD-AMIABLE
Project X 2012

Project X is a 2012 comedy film directed by Nima Nourizadeh in his feature film debut, written by Michael Bacall and Matt Drake based on a story by Bacall, and produced by The Hangover director Todd Phillips. The plot follows Thomas (Thomas Mann), Costa (Oliver Cooper) and J.B. (Jonathan Daniel Brown), three friends who plan to gain popularity by throwing a party, a plan which quickly escalates out of their control.

The title Project X was initially a placeholder for a final title, but interest generated by the secretive title resulted in it being kept. The film was cast through a nationwide open casting call to find people who never acted before or who had limited acting experience. The majority of the cast were sourced from this casting call, but a few with prior acting credits, such as Mann, were accepted after multiple auditions. Filming took place on sets entirely in Los Angeles, California over five weeks on a $12 million budget. The film is presented as a home video from the perspective of an attendee using a camera to document the night's events.

Project X was released in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom on March 2, 2012.

The film begins with a disclaimer from Warner Bros. "apologizing" to the citizens of North Pasadena.

High school students Costa and J.B. plan to throw a party for their friend Thomas's birthday, aiming to increase their popularity among their schoolmates. Thomas' parents go away for the weekend, leaving him alone in the house, but warn him not to have too many people over, and not to drive his father's Mercedes. Thomas is reluctant to have the party at his house out of fear of his parents finding out, but Costa continues with his plan. Costa hires AV-student Dax, to chronicle the night's events. Throughout the day, Costa and J.B. advertise the party through the school. Thomas himself invites Alexis, the hottest girl at school, and his best friend Kirby, whom he has a crush on.

Costa, Thomas and J.B. go to buy marijuana from drug-dealer T-Rick. Whhile T-Rick gets the marijuana, Costa steals his lawn gnome to use as a party mascot. As they leave, T-Rick discovers his gnome stolen, and chases after them, but they escape in Thomas' mini-van. As night falls, the party's start time passes, but no one turns up and Thomas worries that the party will fail. Suddenly, party-goers arrive en-masse and the party becomes an instant hit. Thomas intends to limit the party to the backyard and poolhouse, with the house guarded by two child security guards, Everett and Tyler. However, more and more people begin to arrive and the party moves beyond their control and into the house. Thomas questions Costa on how he advertised the party, forcing him to confess that he put out ads on Craigslist and on a local radio station, worried that no one would attend.

As the party grows, T-Rick's gnome is smashed, revealing it to have contained dozens of ecstasy tablets, which are quickly consumed by the party goers. The police show up, responding to a noise complaint, but the party goers remain silent, convincing the officers the party has already ended. After the police leave and the party resumes, Thomas kisses Kirby, and reveals that he loves her. Alexis meanwhile flirts with Thomas throughout the night, until she later brings Thomas to his room to have sex. Kirby interrupts them, and leaves the party upset. The noise and chaos of the party, which has now spilled out into the surrounding neighborhood, receives televised news coverage with helicopters flying over the house. A dwarf guest drives Thomas' dad's Mercedes into the pool, after being put into an oven by other partygoers.

The police return in force, but are overwhelmed and repelled by the guests. They decide to let the party die naturally before moving in. T-Rick arrives, armed with a flame thrower, in an attempt to reclaim his gnome. He begins setting fire to the trees and cars in search of Costa, forcing the guests to flee and the party to end. The police shoot his flamethrower pack and it explodes. Thomas, Costa, J.B., and Dax flee with the other guests as Thomas' house burns and the SWAT team moves in to retake the neighborhood. The neighborhood is left aflame.

By morning, the friends return to their respective homes to discover what punishment awaits them. After his parents return, Thomas's father commends him for managing to throw the party because he thought he was a loser, but he uses Thomas's college fund to pay for the damages. At school, Thomas, Costa and J.B. are cheered by the students, and Thomas reconciles romantically with Kirby. In the epilogue, T-Rick is recovered alive following the explosion, Thomas is convicted on 3 different charges including inciting a riot, and Costa and J.B. are acquitted; Costa because of his expensive lawyer and J.B. because his parents convince the court that he is mentally incapable and unfit to stand trial. Dax meanwhile is under investigation for the disappearance of his parents. In an interview with Jillian Reynolds, Costa promises his next party will be even better.

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