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Resident Evil Extinction [2007]
Resident Evil Extinction

The film begins with Alice (Milla Jovovich) apparently waking up at the mansion, just like the beginning of the first Resident Evil. Alice defeats the usual obstacles, including the laser room, though she is eventually killed by a machine gun. Her body is taken outside and dumped into a pit. She is then revealed to be a clone of the original Alice, and the pit is then shown to be filled with hundreds of similar clones. The camera zooms out from the facility's camouflaged entrance, made to look like a shack (the rest of the facility is underground). The shack is surrounded by a high fence and hundreds of zombies are seen trying to get in the facility, deep in the desert.

Five years after the T-virus escaped Raccoon City, it has spread around the world. As organisms are infected, the environment becomes destroyed. Umbrella has placed facilities underground to prevent the human survivors from finding out about Umbrella.

Meanwhile, the original Alice wanders the desert wastelands of the Southwestern U.S.. She has separated from the rest of her group for their own protection, as the Umbrella is trying to track her down and she is afraid that they would kill anyone linked to Alice. She searches for supplies and travels on a motorcycle and wearing a slingshot for protection, and she is carrying a diary she found.

In the Umbrella facility, Dr. Sam Isaacs considers Alice's re-capture a top priority since she has the ability to bond with the T-Virus. He tries to persuade the Umbrella board that he can use her blood to develop a permanent cure, as well as tame the infected. The new Umbrella chairman Albert Wesker (Jason O'Mara) refuses the re-capture, and instead orders Isaacs to use the clones to create a cure, with no authorization to Alice's recapture until they are sure of her location and ability to bond and capture her.

Meanwhile, Claire Redfield's (Ali Larter) convoy, which includes the Raccoon City survivors Carlos Olivera (Oded Fehr) and L.J. (Mike Epps), along with new survivors K-Mart (Spencer Locke), Mikey (Christopher Egan), Chase (Linden Ashby) and Nurse Betty (Ashanti Douglas) along with others, travel cross country, looking for medical supplies, food, water, and gas, as well as a permanent shelter.

One day, in a deserted town, while searching a motel for supplies, L.J. is bitten, but keeps it a secret. The next morning, the convoy is attacked by infected crows, who were feeding on the infected flesh. The crows almost overpower the convoy, killing Nurse Betty and taking out the flamethrower operator, causing the weapon to careen out of control. Alice appears and saves Carlos and others from a fiery death. She uses her psionic powers to cover the sky with a blanket of fire, killing the crows. Alice is introduced to Claire, and gives her a diary she found. The book claims of a "safe zone" in Alaska. Alice and Carlos convince Claire to take her convoy to Alaska. They agree to go to Las Vegas to search for supplies for their trip to Alaska.

Meanwhile, in the facility, Dr. Isaacs' attempts to domesticate the infected have led to a new zombie breed. Wesker's security officer, Captain Slater (Matthew Marsden), is adamant about Isaacs not disregarding Umbrella's regulations. Slater does admit that the "super zombies" (the Crimson Heads) would be useful, but reiterates that Isaacs is out of control, and he is losing his mind trying to re-capture Alice.

Umbrella triangulates Alice's location based on her psionic abilities. Dr. Isaacs has a crate of his new zombies sent to ambush the convoy, against Wesker's specific orders. Most of the convoy, including Chase and Mikey, are killed in the ambush and Carlos is infected by L.J as he turns. Umbrella tries to shut Alice down remotely, but she breaks free from their programming and continues to fight. She finds and kills the Umbrella team at the scene and Isaacs becomes infected as he flees. Alice and K-Mart use Isaacs' computer to track the helicopter's flight path, leading to Umbrella's underground location.

The convoy goes to the site, which is surrounded by zombies. Carlos sacrifices himself by plowing his truck into the zombie mob and blowing them all up, giving Alice and Claire time to load survivors into the helicopter. Alice decides to stay behind. Ordered by Wesker to liquidate Isaacs, Slater finds him locked in his lab, injecting himself with massive doses of Anti-Virus in an attempt to counteract the infection, which makes him to mutate from overdosing the Anti-Virus. Slater shoots Dr. Isaacs, triggering his mutation into a Tyrant. Isaacs kills all the facility employees, but the base's AI manages to temporarily lock him in the lower levels.

Entering the facility, Alice meets a holograph of the Red Queen's sister AI, the White Queen (Madeline Carroll). The White Queen informs Alice that her blood is the cure to the T-Virus and puts the facility at her disposal to develop a cure. She then tells Alice about Dr. Isaacs. Alice agrees to deal with him. On her way to the lab's lower levels, Alice discovers one of her clones, still in development. The clone awakens, but seems to die from premature exposure. During an intense battle between Isaacs and Alice, they find themselves in a replica of the Hive's laser corridor. The grid activates and slices Isaacs into cubes. Just as Alice is about to meet the same fate, the system is deactivated by her clone, which has inexplicably revived. Meanwhile, Claire has left with survivors in the helicopter, leaving for Alaska.

Later, in Tokyo, Japan, Wesker informs the rest of the Umbrella board that the North American facility has been lost, and declared unsafe, and he will now control everything from Japan. Alice's hologram makes an appearance, declaring that she is coming for him and Umbrella now. Standing beside her clone, Alice looks out onto the hundreds of pods containing her developing clones, as the scene blacks out.

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