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Official Warcraft 1.24e Patch Download & Offline Install Guide

Warcraft 1.24e Patch Offline Installation Guide. Blizzard has released the Warcraft 1.24e patch offline update file. This is an official way of updating to Warcraft 1.24e patch for those players who can not connect to for automatic upgrade. Check out the download and guide of installing Warcraft 3 TFT 1.24e patch using manual update.

Warcraft 1.24e Patch Download & Guide:

1. Download the Warcraft v1.24d Patch update file from the links mentioned below:

2. After downloading the appropriate patch file, Run it!

3. You Warcraft 3 patch will be upgraded to 1.24e

Standalone Full Patch:

Download this file if you upgrading from an old version. 

Available for users only (mirror 1)
Available for users only (mirror 2)

Upgrade Patch:

Download this update if you have 1.24d patch installed previously. 

Available for users only (mirror 1)
Available for users only (mirror 2)

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1 Basso   (2010-12-12 2:20 AM) [Entry]
I see a lot of players saying that they can not install Warcraft 1.24d patch due to the Registry error loading key 'Warcraft III\InstallPath' Error. This error occurs when you don't have original copy of Warcraft or you don't have registry entries created for Warcraft 3. You can make your registry entries manually by using Windows Registry Editor!.

How to make Warcraft 3 Registry Entries:

1. Open up regedit (start > run > regedit)

2. Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Blizzard Entertainment\

3. Create new key, name it 'Warcraft III' (without quotes)

4. On right side of new key entry, right click and create new string value

5. Name it 'InstallPath' (without quotes)

6. Change the value of InstallPath to wherever you installed it (example: 'c:\warcraft 3\')

7. Reinstall Warcraft 1.24d Patch. (this time your war3 will be installed without any errors)

8. Enjoy! your Warcraft is patched to 1.24d

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