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Jackie Chan Collection
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Jackie Chan Collection [1971-2008]
Jackie Chan Collection

[1971]Cub Tiger From Kwang Tung
[1971]Master with Cracked Fingers
[1973]Fist of Anger aka Eagle Shadow Fist
[1974]Rumble in Hong Kong
[1976]New Fist of Fury
[1976]Shaolin Chamber Of Death
[1976]Shaolin Wooden Men
[1976]The Killer Meteors
[1977]36 Crazy Fists
[1977]To Kill With Intrigue
[1978]Half A Loaf Of Kung Fu
[1978]Magnificent Bodyguards
[1978]Snake And Crane Arts Of Shaolin
[1978]Snake In The Eagle's Shadow
[1978]Spiritual Kung Fu
[1979]Dragon Fist
[1979]Fearless Hyena
[1980]The Big Brawl
[1980]The Young Master (1980)
[1981]The Cannonball Run
[1982]Dragon Lord
[1982]Fantasy Mission Force
[1983]Fearless Hyena 2
[1983]Project A
[1983]Winners and Sinners
[1984]The Cannonball Run 2
[1984]Wheels on Meals
[1985]Heart of Dragon
[1985]Police Story
[1985]The Protector
[1985]Winners and Sinners II - My Lucky Stars
[1985]Winners and Sinners III - Twinkle Twinkle Lucky Star
[1987]Armour Of God
[1987]Fire Dragon
[1987]Project A II
[1988]Dragons Forever
[1988]Police Story 2
[1990]Island Of Fire
[1991]Armour of God II- Operation Condor
[1992]Police Story 3 - Super Cop
[1993]City Hunter
[1993]Top Fighter (Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, Jet Li, Gordon Liu, 1993) EN
[1994]Drunken Master 2
[1995]Rumble in the Bronx
[1996]First Strike
[1997]Mr Nice Guy
[1998]Jackie Chan - My Story
[1998]Rush Hour
[1998]Who Am I
[1999] Jackie Chan My Stunts
[1999]Gen X Cops
[2000]Shanghai Noon
[2001]Rush Hour 2
[2001]The Accidental Spy
[2002]Jackie Chan - Fast Funny and Furious
[2002]The Tuxedo
[2003]Shanghai Knights
[2003]The Medallion
[2003]The Twins Effect
[2004]Around the World in 80 Days
[2004]Enter the Phoenix
[2004]New Police Story
[2004]The Huadu Chronicles-Blade of the Rose (Twins Effect II)
[2005]The Myth
[2006]Rob B Hood
[2008]Kung Fu Panda
[2008]The Forbidden Kingdom

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Forum » Movies » DivX » Jackie Chan Collection (1971-2008 57.56 GiB)
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