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Arrested Development
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Arrested Development
Buster Bluth, George Michael, Gob - the character names alone are proof that Arrested Development has some of the sharpest comedy writing of all time. Somewhere in there is a touching drama about a family being drawn together through crisis, but this is a show that's never afraid to go off on wildly silly tangents. Like, say, the subplot in which man-child Buster gets his arm chomped off by a seal. Or the contrivance which sees ex-Fonz Henry Winkler relive his Happy Days by jumping over a shark. Or the bit where Tobias Funke joins the Blue Man Group, thinking it's a support group for depressed men, and ends up getting paint everywhere. Or Franklin the racist puppet. Or Hot Cops. Seriously, we could keep reeling off our favourite bits all day.

Best Episode
¬°Amigos! (Season 2, Episode 3) sees the Bluths hit Mexico. It's notable for repeat appearances from one of the show's funniest characters, Gene Parmesan, plus some classic Ann ("Who?") moments and a 'chicken dance' showdown between Gob and Lindsay.

Did You Know?
Jason Bateman has described the show as "The Royal Tenenbaums shot like Cops".

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Forum » Movies » TV Series » Arrested Development
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