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An Australian sci-fi series featuring muppet aliens from The Jim Henson Company - it's not exactly a pitch that says 'edgy' or even very good. Against the odds, though, Farscape emerged as an innovative, amusing and endlessly watchable romp as Astronaut John Crichton fumbled his way through life on the other side of the galaxy while dropping endless pop culture references that were clearly lost on his alien companions. In Claudia Black's Aeryn Sun was found one of sci-fi's favourite pin-up girls and the chemistry between Black and co-star Ben Browder was so apparent they were reunited after Farscape's cancellation for the final series of Stargate SG-1.

Best Episode
Icarus Abides (Season 3, Episode 15), the death of Crichton (well, one of them - don't ask) and its effect on Aeryn is as heart-rending a moment as any we've seen.

Did You Know?
The show was cancelled after season 4, but the fan-led 'Save Farscape' campaign was so vociferous that it was picked up by the media and Sci-Fi finally bowed to pressure and greenlit a miniseries to wrap up the plot in 2004.

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Forum » Movies » TV Series » Farscape
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