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I finally found time to fix some Multiclicker bugs and update all working PTCs.

    * Fixed support for additional browsers’ headers
    * Modified a little Main Window’s layout
    * Fixed all working PTCs
    * is now displayed as

Back online
December 29th, 2008 by spyware4me

There was an error on the server which caused that login was needed to access pages. Dr. Gonzo (the owner of this server) told me that only Autoclickers’ site was affected…

Two words to explain this problem: Windows and IIS.

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Universal Share Downloader (USDownloader), also called RapidShare downloader or MyTempDir downloader is actually not a crack or hack program. Instead, Universal Share Downloader is a download manager for automated download a list of files from most popular free uploaders or free unlimited upload files hosting servers such as RapidShare, MegaUpload, YouSendIt, FileFactory and etc.

Normally, if you’re not premium member or paid member or upgraded member of the free unlimited or one-click file hosting, web space and file delivery service, the service will has some limitations when you try to download the files from the server, such as no concurrent parallel download, so you have to download one file after another file has finished downloa ... Read more

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Rapidshare & Megaupload Downloader v1.03

Cyptload is a hand made custom program enabling you to bypass time and download limits. It has a download manager interface and featured with plugins to add more features and services. It has a interface to automatically restart and assign new IP address for the routers. Automatically Recognizes the Captcha verification Images and identify them. It can integrate with other Popular programs to enhance the Captcha capture function.

* Easy and automated file downloading from all the major one-click file hosters.
* Automated OCR/CAPTCHA, in our tests decoding worked only few times
* Automatic renew of IP address.
* Support for PREMIUM downloadin ... Read more

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Rapidshare Downloader 2008

The download manager has several benefits over manually downloading files from Rapidshare. The first is that you can simply add as many download links to it which will all be stored and processed one after the other. The image verification is filled in automatically by JDownloader which means that you can keep it running in the background all the time without having to actively manage the downloads.

Download links can be automatically added by making Jdownloader observe the clipboard. It offers a reconnect feature which has to be configured, an unpacker, a password list, selecting a favored server from each hoster and much more. There are several options that need some explanation though before you can start using it.
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Rapidhacker final v3.0

RapidHacker Final Build 3.0
Langauge: Visual Basic, MS VisualC++
ReleaseDate: February 13th, 2007.
Special Thanks to Ouwop on FileExist procedure help. IXI for like, my niggeh!
Platforms: Windows 98, ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP, home/pro, Windows Vista

New features
- Change Resolution For better appearance, is it's designed under 1024x768 Display
- Better Cookie Removal (Fixed some issues)
- Restore (Now RapidHacker restores your Internet Configuration, back to its original configuration)
- Put as Default for OnPageLoad, when applications executed. (neat advertising imho for my favorite site in the whole worlds!) haha
- Changed GUI to darker appearance, instead of boring Gray ... Read more

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Here is a reseed of this program as I will explain this, for it was indeed not the way it did at last.

¦ r you one of of them that start your computer and before you log in, it is that your Windows version can be false or similar?
Then this is your salvation.
If you have this problem you should do the following: Download, unzip all the files in any folder.
Double-click the file named Installer, it is as you might know a bat file. But it has no stupid commands as another has spent named Lelle__. But but back to the thing. double-click it and follow the instructi ... Read more

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