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1. Problem Steps Recorder
As the local PC guru you're probably very used to friends and family asking for help with their computer problems, yet having no idea how to clearly describe what's going on. It's frustrating, but Microsoft feels your pain, and Windows 7 will include an excellent new solution in the Problem Steps Recorder.
When any app starts misbehaving under Windows 7 then all your friends need do is click Start, type PSR and press Enter, then click Start Record. If they then work through whatever they're doing then the Problem Steps Recorder will record every click and keypress, take screen grabs, and package everything up into a single zipped MHTML file when ... Read more

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How To Manage Facebook Chat, gTalk and Twitter in Firefox Sidebar

We all love browsing Internet to stay in touch with latest news,events and at the same time we like to stay connected with our friends, colleagues and family members through various chat services and social sites. Even I do the same, but sometimes it’s very annoying to open a new window or desktop client to use services like Facebook chat, Twitter or Google Talk.

But thanks to Firefox add-ons, it is possible to use all these 3 services in the Firefox sidebar without leaving current page you were reading. And it’s very useful too as you don’t have to leave your current page to check you’re new IM’s or tweet.

So, let’s see how to integrate Twitter, Facebook chat and Google chat in Firefox sidebar one by one.

Manager Twitter in Firefox sidebar : By using a Firefox add-on ... Read more

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South Africa World Cup

From it's humble beginnings in 1930 the Soccer World Cup has grown to be one of the most spectacular sporting events in the world. The 2010 World Cup promises to be the planet's biggest sporting event ever. Well over a billion people are expected to follow the month long tournament between the world's top 32 soccer playing nation

The World Cup is th ... Read more

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Cookie Policy

To make this website work properly and that we were able to make further improvements in order to improve your browsing experience, this site must be on your computer to save a small amount of information (cookies). Over 90% of all websites use this practice, but according to the provisions of the European Union of 25 in March 2011. we are obliged before storing cookies to seek your consent. By using the you agree to the use of cookies. Blocking cookies you can still browse the site, but some of its features will not be available.

What are cookies?

A "cookie" is a text file containing small amounts of information which a server can store on your personal computer or mobile device when you visit a GE Capital EMEA website.

There are two main kinds of cookies: session cookies and persi ... Read more

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Continuing its forays into the social-networking realm, and its announced partnership with Facebook, Yahoo is introducing features that will further integrate its services with Facebook.

Yahoo-Facebook integration

Yahoo and Facebook are tightening their embrace, with new functions such as viewing and sharing updates across both sites. (Credit: Business Wire)

Users of both Yahoo and Facebook will soon be able to view their stream of Facebook updates from friends--their Facebook "news feed"--on Yahoo Mail and The changes also mean users of Yahoo sites will be able to more easily see the actions they take on those sites reflected on Facebook as well--for instance, posting pictures on Yahoo-owned photo-sharing site Flickr and seeing those shots appear on Facebook.

"More and more, people rely on social ... Read more

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Facebook Emoticons

Facebook emoticons can be used in Facebook Chat conversations. Each emoticon is called by writing it’s shortcut into the Chat box. Facebook is the most popular social network out there. It first started as a network for Harvard students but soon expanded to accept everybody all over the world and gained enormous popularity among all generations. It is almost hard to find in these days someone who is not "on Facebook”. Here is the list of all Facebook Emoticons and their shortcuts:

Smile :-) :) ... Read more

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