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Mega Downloader

What is MegaDownloader?
MegaDownloader is a download client for MEGA.CO.NZ, allowing you to easily download files from MEGA.CO.NZ

Is an official app?
It is a standalone unofficial application. Its use is free and there is no charge for using it or download it.

Why MegaDownloader?
* Fast: You can download multiple files simultaneously with multiple connections per file, squeezing the bandwidth.
* Lightweight: Takes up less than 2MB and consumes little resources. It requires no installation, is a single exe. It doesn't create giant temporary files. Just uses a small buffer in memory and stores the file directly in disk.
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Monster Girl Search Europe 2012
Calendar Shoot

This is definitely one of the sexiest edits we've had the pleasure of creating. After the success of the Monster Girl Search across Europe and Africa, you, the public have given us these super sexy, super bad ass ladies.

Throughout next year you'll start recognising their faces as we take them to some of the coolest events in all our sports disciplines!
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Why My Facebook Account is Temporarily Locked?
How to Open?

Facebook is a convenient channel for passing information but security in Facebook is became critical.Facebook developed such a system through which it can detect the rare cases when an account is taken over and used to send spam continuously.When this happens, Facebook shut off access to the account immediately.In result of that not only hacker or spanner are penalized but also minor people who really understand the importance of Facebook are punished.One of my friend suffer in the same way one morning.
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Prijevara na Njuš

Evo da upozorimo ostale korisnike da ne ostanu i oni bez svog novca, jer ovi MARTIĆI su svaki dan aktivni sa novim prevarama sad

Prevaranti stavljaju uglavnom oglase mobitela i sportskih auto dijelova, oglas nema broja mobitela, te kada se javite traze unaprijed novac, a da oni snose troskove slanja...radi se uglavnom o oglasima ispod 1000 kn, brojevi racuna i imena prevaranata.
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Wireless Router Security
10 easy steps

To connect to your wireless router, it needs the router's wireless settings configured and also the wireless cards in all the laptops and or computers needs to be configured with the router's wireless settings. Then the laptops and desktop computers can communicate with your wireless router.
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How to open ports in Windows 7 (uTorrent)

Hi people, on this tutorial I am going to show you how you can open ports in the new operating system Windows 7.
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Hidden Secret Codes for Google Android Mobile Phones

Hidden Secret Codes for Google Android Mobile Phones

Recently I got a Google Android mobile phone "Samsung Galaxy GT-S 5570i". While I'm loving playing with it, I also found some interesting secret codes which can enable/disable lots of hidden settings in the mobile phone. These codes can also show many useful information about the phone.

So in this topic, you'll get several hidden secret codes which can be used in any Google Android mobile phone to access things which are not accessible by default.

These codes have been obtained by decoding various .apk files present in the phone firmware.


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